Monday, November 12, 2012

X-Mas Gift Project, Fennel Crusted Pistachios

I forget exactly where I heard about crusting pistachios with fennel pollen, but I believe a pastry chef from one of Nobu's restaurants was credited for having 'em on a menu.  I wanted something to accompany the pistachio liquor I infused, and when we were in Napa, Anne & I found a really reasonably priced fennel pollen from a company called Whole Spice.  For about two pounds of unsalted, untoasted, shelled pistachios, I lightly whipped 1 egg white while the nuts toasted.  After they had nice color, I let them cool a bit.  After the nuts would no longer cook an egg white, I tossed them together in a bowl with the lightly frothed white, a generous amount of sea salt & fennel pollen, then lowered my oven to 200*F.  I spread the mix out onto a silpat lined sheet tray and dried them out for a while. 
I can't stop eating the damned things. 

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