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X-Mas Gift Project, Fennel Crusted Pistachios

I forget exactly where I heard about crusting pistachios with fennel pollen, but I believe a pastry chef from one of Nobu's restaurants was credited for having 'em on a menu.  I wanted something to accompany the pistachio liquor I infused, and when we were in Napa, Anne & I found a really reasonably priced fennel pollen from a company called Whole Spice.  For about two pounds of unsalted, untoasted, shelled pistachios, I lightly whipped 1 egg white while the nuts toasted.  After they had nice color, I let them cool a bit.  After the nuts would no longer cook an egg white, I tossed them together in a bowl with the lightly frothed white, a generous amount of sea salt & fennel pollen, then lowered my oven to 200*F.  I spread the mix out onto a silpat lined sheet tray and dried them out for a while. 
I can't stop eating the damned things. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Recipe Focus, Some Old Kendall Charcuterie Recipes

Duck Galantine

Yield: 8 galantines

16 whole ducks, 3# lean pork, 3# fatback, 2 sliced onion, 4 oz. port, 8 oz. Madeira, 3 sprigs thyme, 20 finely chopt sage leaves, 1 orange’s zest, 1 c. duck glace, 40 g. salt, 12 g. black pepper, 55 g. pink salt, 1 t. quarte epices, 4 oz. white wine, 1 oz. brandy, pistachios, truffle pieces, small dice ham

Bone 8 ducks for galantine, keep skin & meat intact.  Even out meat by trimming out excess duck & transferring to areas that doesn’t have meat (can also pound out).  Bone out the other ducks, keeping the leg & breast meat separate.  Saute onions in butter until translucent.  Add the port, Madeira, & thyme – reduce by ¾.  Let cool.  Combine leg meat, ¼ breast meat, lean pork, fatback, onion mix, sage, zest, s/p, pink salt, quarte epices, white wine & brandy, & let marinade 24 hours.  Marinade the ¾ remaining duck breast (ea. breast cut in half lengthwise), and duck skin w/ a sprinkle of salt mix [12 g. salt : 3 g. white pepper : 7 g. pink salt] in cooler for 24 hours.  Grind the pork & duck mix w/ 1/8” die.  Over ice, add glace, pistachios, ham, & truffles.  Test in sauté to check seasoning.  Prepare the galantine, putting the reserved breasts in the center as integral garnish.  Wrap in cheesecloth & poach in flavorful stock until internal temp 152*F.  Remove galantines from liquid, cool liquid, then re-add galantines.  Refrigerate 24 hours before using.


Basic Country Pate

A: 3.5# strips lean pork butt, 5# strips pork fatback, 2 large onions-sliced, sautéed & chilled, ¼ c. minced garlic-sauteed & chilled, 1 qt. white wine, 2 T. chopt thyme, 2 bay leaf, 4 t. ground black pepper, 1 ½ quatre epices, 1 t. celery salt, 2 t. sugar, 1.5 oz pink salt, splash brandy, 65 g. salt. 

Marinade 24 hours in fridge, drain in colander & pat dry.  Grind cold w/ 3/16 in. die.  Chill

B: 1.5 # lean pork butt 


Scallop Mousse

1 1/2# sea scallop (dry pack, wings removed, & pre-salt), 1 egg, 1+ qt. cream

Process scallop in chilled robocoupe untilit gets smooth & starts to ball up.  Add egg & process until it becomes a smooth paste. Check temp., if too warm throw into freezer.  Add a small amount of cream (~1 c.) to the coupe, pouring slowly.  Process until elastic.  Check temp.  Continue adding cream until a total of 3 c. has been added.  Check a quenelle in simmering water.  Keep adding cream until mousse is nicely light.  If in terrine, cover & bake @ 250*F until 135*F internal temp.  About 1.5 hours.  Chill in ice.

Variation: Pike Mousse

2# pike, 2 egg, 1+qt. cream

Grind pike through 1/8” die.  Proceed as for scallop mousse.


Lobster Forcemeat

1 ½ # pike meat, ½ # diced lobster meat (cooked), bisque reduction, 2 eggs, 8 oz. cream, chopt tarragon, s/p

Process pike meat.  Add eggs & cream, process smooth.  Add bisque redux, blend then pass through bang.  Fold in tarragon & lobster meat.  Flavor check, adjust seasoning.


Mushroom Terrine

3 qt. mushrooms- ¼’d or whole if small, ¼ c. minced shallot, 2 T. minced celery, 1 clove minced garlic, ¼ c. brandy, ¼ c. white wine, ¼ c. Madeira, olive oil, 2 c. demi, aspic (neutral, chix, beef, or vegetable/mushroom)

Saute aromatics.  Reserve.  Saute mushrooms until nicely browned, & cooked through.  Add aromatics to shrooms, along w/ wines.  Cook to au sec.  Add demi, reduce to glaze.  Season, then cool.  Line terrine w/ plastic.  Put some chilled aspic on bottom of terrine, followed by a layer of shrooms, more aspic, shrooms, etc, until finished.  Cover w/ excess plastic, chill for 12 hours before serving.


Marinade for Smoked Duck

4 crushed garlic cloves, 2 c. mirpoix, ¼ c. rice vinegar, 1 T. chili paste, ½ c. molasses, ½ c. soy, ¼ c. brown sugar, ½ c. cider vinegar, 2 c. water, 4 pc. star anise, 20 black pepper corns.


Hot Dogs

4.5 # fat free cow meat, 2# +4 oz. lean pork butt, 2# +4 oz trimmed pork jowls, 2# +6 oz. ice chips, 4 oz. soy protein concentrate, 2 t. Prague # 1, 6 T. salt, 2 ½ T. Spanish paprika, 5 T. ground mustard, 1 t. black pepper, 2 t. white pepper, 1 t. ground celery seed, 2 t. mace, 1 t. garlic powder, 1 T. onion powder, 1 t. ground coriander, 1 ½ oz. corn syrup solids, 3 ½ T. pink salt

Grind cold meat w/ ½ in. plate.  Add salt & Prague #1.  Chill 24 hours.  Grind fat w/ ½ in. plate, chill.  Grind fat & meat separately with 1/16 in. plate, chill.  In chilled buffalo chopper, add meat w/ ½ ice.  Grind until meat gets stringy—do not let temp. rise above 45*.  Add fat, spices, and remaining ice.  Continue grinding until temp rises to no higher than 58* (54-58 optimal).  When mix is at 52* add soy powder.  Pack into 24-26 mm. sheep casings, Age one day, poach until 152* internal temp., dry, and smoke for 30-45 minutes.

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My Favorite Cookbooks, Part 11, Notes From a Kitchen Volumes 1 & 2

This book is simply inspiring.  I've been taking serious notes from culinary school to the present, and I didn't realize how common this practice was amongst my peers... especially when it came to picking up any scrap of paper, spent POS system tickets, or even a paper towel to muse upon, only to put into a more permanent notebook if the thought or recipe made the grade.  I've had more notebooks stolen, credit to the hand drawn pictures and detailed notes than I'd ever like to admit.  This series strikes a solid chord with me.

Inside you'll find mostly pictures, some musings, and a bunch of fine dining chefs explaining their thought processes.  If you thought Marco Pierre White's, White Heat, could invoke a need to live the life of a chef, it pales in the sheer & utter majesty of Notes.  I just want to create after paging though these.  I've decided to start including some of my personal notes, scribblings and old recipes to this blog in an attempt to preserve & share them.  Toques off to the authors, Jeff Scott & Blake Beshore, as well as the chef contributors, Sean Brock, Johnny Iuzzini, Michael Laiskonis, George Mendes, Emma Hearst, Joel Harrington, Matt Gaudet, Zak Palaccio, Jason Neroni, & Neal Fraser.  I'd like to thank you all for the creative fires you've helped stoke.  As they say in/on the book, "I am going to be dangerous."

Recipe Foci, Le Titi, Le Francais, Arizona Kitchen

Pistachio Brulee (Le Titi)

500 g. cream, 500 g. milk, 100 g. pistachio paste, 150 g. sugar, 200 g. sugar


Duck Liver Flan (Le Titi)

1 onion (chopt & caramelized w/ garlic & cooled), 2 clove garlic, 500 g. duck liver, chicken liver, or foie, 7 eggs, 1200 g. cream, thyme, tarragon, or other herb

Puree w/ stick blender or bar blender, pass though sieve, fill timbales or ramekins, water bath, 325*F oven.


Maple Cream  (Le Titi)

250 g. maple syrup, 5 yolks, 50 g. pastry cream powder (sub cornstarch?), ½ L. milk (scalded), 2 gelatin leaf (bloom), 250 g. chopt pecans, 500 g. cream (soft peak)

Maple, yolks, powder.  Temper in milk, whisk in gelatin, cook until thick--- bubbles in middle, cool in ice bath.fold in pecan, then cream.  Set overnite.


Fig Ice Cream (Le Titi)

1471 g. milk, 142 g. powdered milk, 284 g. cream, 483 g. sugar, 156 g. glucose powder, 1000 g. fig puree, 21 g. IC stabilizer


Swiss Meringue (Le Titi)

500 g. sugar (soft ball) : 250 whites  For Chocolate, 35 g. cocoa

 Tartlet Dough (Le Francais)

500 g. softened butter, 50 g. sugar, 12 g. salt, 80 g. water, 2 eggs, 1 K. cake flour

Cream butter, sugar, salt.  Add liquid.  Mix flour little by little.

Raspberry Pate  (Le Titi)

1000 g. raspberry puree, 25 g. pectin, 1140 g. sugar, 320 g. glucose, 15 g. citric acid @ 50% (~8 g. water : 8 g. lemon juice)

Warm puree – mix pectin w/ 25% of the sugar, add to puree.  Boil.  Add glucose & additional sugar – cook to 223 *F.  Remove from heat & whisk in acid.  Pour in ½ sheet pan w/ silpat.  Let set in cooler.


Mango Pate (Le Titi)

1000 g. mango puree, 300 g. green apple puree, 1500 g. sugar, 450 g. glucose, 35 g. pectin, 20 g. citric acid (~10 g. water : 10 g. lemon juice)

Same as raspberry pate.


Spaetzle (Le Titi)

1# flour, 1 ½ c. milk, 6 eggs (+ or- 1), 2 T. Dijon, 1 T. whole grain mustard, tumeric, 2 T. apple cider vinegar

Looking for the consistency of pate choux w/ initial egg addition.


Charred Yellow Tomato Gazpacho (AZK)

1 cs yellow tomato – cored in 1/4s, 5 peeled & deseeded cucumbers, 2 yellow squash, s/p, champagne vinegar, olive oil, Tabasco

Char  tomato (easy under a sally), buzz ingredients and season.


Goat Cheese Roulades (AZK)

36 oz. goat cheese, 16 oz. cream cheese, pesto or other filling

Mix cheeses at room temp.  Spray table w/ nonstick.  Parchment.  Spray parchment.  Roll out mix, square off.  Spread pesto/filling.  Roll, freeze to set.


Tamales (variation cascabel chile) (AZK)

8 c. masa harina, 8 c. apple juice, 2 T. baking powder, 2 T. salt, 14 T. lard, cascabel chile puree


Chipotle Citrus Redux (AZK)

4 gal. OJ, 46 oz. pineapple juice, thyme, oregano, black peppercorns

Redux low heat until thick, up to 8 hours.  Strain and freeze.  Base for dressing – add mayo, sherry vinegar, balsamic, Tabasco, chile powder, brown sugar, cumin, salt and white pepper.


Smoked Apple & Lime Dressing (AZK)

1 cs granny smith apples (peel, seed, core), 10 lime’s zest, apple juice

Hot smoke, apples & zest – mesquite.  Buzz w/ juice.  FREEZE.  Add same ingred. as citrus dressing.


Crema (AZK)

1 pt heavy cream : 1 pt buttermilk

1 pt. lemon juice to every gallon.  Room temp. for 2 days.

At AZK, added zucchini juice & roasted garlic



Pork Braise (AZK)

¾ OJ : ¼ Lemon Juice + 1 onion, oregano, achiote paste, garlic


Star Anise & Vanilla Bean Oil (AZK)

Toast anise.  10 vanilla beans split.  Grapeseed oil.  Let sit 2 days minimum.


Pinion Cream (AZK)

1 gal. cream, 1 onion, garlic, olive oil, oregano, thyme, Madeira, pine nuts

Sweat onion, garlic in oil, deglaze w/ Madeira, au sec, cream, pine nuts.  Reduce.  Buzz. Strain chinnoise.  Season.


Smoked Bell Pepper Cream (AZK)

15-20 bell peppers (roast, skinned, deseed, smoke until smells), 1 gal. cream, 1 onion, garlic, olive oil, oregano, thyme, Madeira 

Same procedure as pinion cream, but season w/ Tabasco, chile powder, brown sugar, cumin, and cornstarch if loose.


Pomegranate & Molasses Glaze (for squab) (AZK)

Simmer half molasses w/ half pomegranate syrup, whisk in garlic, butter, & salt.


Red Chile & Goat Cheese Cream (AZK)

1 gal. cream, 1 onion, garlic, olive oil, oregano, thyme, 1 #10 can diced tomato, 3 New Mexico red chiles, tequila, goat cheese

Same procedure as pinion cream, but season w/ Tabasco, chile powder, brown sugar, cumin and deglaze w/ tequila.  The tomato gets added w/ cream, the goat cheese buzzed in at the end.


Gabriel’s “Tempura” Batter

350 g. flour, 60 g. cornstarch, 60 g. baking powder, water, s/p


Le Francais’ Meat Temps

115* Rare, 120* MR, 125* M, 130-5* MW, 145-50* Well


Bacon & Dijon Dressing (Le Francais)

2 T. shallot, 1 T. garlic, ¼ c. red wine vinegar, 1 kitchen spoon Dijon, 3 yolks, 1 qt. blended oil, bacon fat (sub foie?! J), s/p

Whip by hand, bacon fat last.


Champagne Vinaigrette (Le Francais)

3 : 1 Oil to Vinegar + shallot, garlic, sugar, S&P.


Fruit Brulee (Le Francais)

250 g. cream, 50 g. milk, 40 g. puree, 50 g. sugar, 2 yolks, 1 egg


Vanilla Brulee (Le Francais)

200 g. milk, 100 g. cream, 1 vanilla bean, 50 g. sugar, 5 yolks


Lobster Bisque (Le Francais)

6# lobster shells, mir poix + garlic, 2 bay leaf, coriander, tarragon, cracked black pepper, cayenne, ½ c. cream sherry (cheaper), ½ c. brandy, ½ c. white wine, tomato paste, fish stock, duck remoulage, finish with cream.  Pass through china cap, chinnoise, & tammy.


Orange & Vodka Sorbet (Le Francais)

2 L. fresh OJ, 350 ml simple syrup, 100 g. sugar, 1 lemon’s juice, 250 ml vodka


Tart Dough (Le Francais)

1 K. flour, 700 g. butter, 350 sugar, 3 yolks, 2 T. vanilla, pinch salt, 4 T. cream, zest 1 orange


Black Truffle Vinaigrette (Le Francais)

1/3 c. balsamic, ¼ c. sherry vinegar, 1-2 black truffles, 3 c. blended oil, 1-2 oz. black truffle oil, s/p

Blender method.  If you have a really nice EVOO, take out ¼ c. blended oil & add ¼ c. in it’s place at end after the blender.


Potato Puree (Le Francais)

6# potato : 2# butter : 1 ½ qt. cream reduced to 1 qt.

Cook potato until nicely done, dry in oven.  Ricer into mixer.  Add other ingredients, season, pass through tammy.


White Truffle Potato Soup (Le Francais)

1 onion, ¼ c. sliced garlic, 16 peeled & chopt potato, 3 qt. cream, white truffle oil, s/p

Saute veggies, add cream, add potato, cook until done.  Puree, flavor w/ oil, s/p, pass through chinnoise.


Broken Beet Vinaigrette  (Le Francais)

1 boiled or roasted beet, balsamic vinegar, blended oil, EVOO, S/P --- Blender.


Brown Butter Emulsion

3 large pots, 4 oz. squab ju or duck stock, ½ # butter, ¼ c. lemon juice

Brown butter in one pot.  Heat ju in other.  Add ju & lemon to browned butter.  Whisk hard through bubbles, when emulsified add to other pot & keep whisking.

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Recipe Focus, Le Titi de Paris Pt. 2


600 g Almond Flour
400 g Powdered Sugar
150 g Pistachios
16 Egg Yolks
16 Egg Whites
4 Eggs
225 g Sugar
200 g Cornstarch
175 g Flour
150 g Butter

Mix almond flour, powdered sugar, pistachios with yolks and whole eggs (ribbon)
Fold in cornstarch & flour
Whisk in butter
Make a common meringue of whites and sugar, fold in
Bake at 400°

FOCACCIA 1 sheet pan

1 T 15 ml Sugar
1 T 15 ml Active dry yeast
12 oz 340 ml Water, lukewarm
1# 2 oz 540 g Flour
2 tsp 10 ml Kosher salt
3 oz 90 g Onion, chopped fine
2 tsp 10 ml Olive oil
2 T 30 ml Rosemary, fresh, crushed

Combine the sugar, yeast and water. Stir to dissolve the yeast. Stir in the flour 120 g at a time
Stir in 1 ½ t of salt and the onion. Mix well, then knead on a lightly floured board until smooth.
Place the dough in an oiled bowl, cover and let rise until doubled.
Punch down the cough, then flatten it onto an oiled sheet pan. It should be no more than 1 inch thick. Brush the top of the dough with the olive oil. Let the dough proof until doubled, about 15 minutes
Sprinkle the crushed rosemary and remaining ½ t of salt on top of the dough. Bake @ 400°F until lightly browned, approximately 20 minutes.

PIZZA DOUGH 1 large or 8 individual pizzas

2 oz 60 ml Water, warm
1 T 15 ml Active dry yeast
14 oz 420 g Bread flour
6 oz 180 ml Water, cool
1 t 5 ml Salt
1 oz 30 ml Olive oil
1 T 15 ml Honey

Stir the yeast into the warm water to dissolve. Add the flour
Stir the cool water, salt, olive oil and honey into the flour mixture. Knead with a dough hook until smooth and elastic (5 min.)
Place the dough in a lightly greased bowl and cover. Allow the dough to rise in a warm place for 30 minutes. Punch down the dough and divide into portions. The dough may be wrapped and refrigerated for up to 2 days.
On a lightly floured surface, roll the dough into very thin rounds and top as desired. Bake @ 400°F until crisp and golden brown, approximately 8-12 min.


3 T Butter
3 Red Onions (medium), thinly sliced
1 ½c Red Wine Vinegar
½ c Crème de Cassis
½ c Grenadine
½ c Red Wine
½ c Cilantro, finely chopped
TT Salt & Pepper

Sweat onions. Add liquids & cook until glazed. Season Mix in cilantro. **Tarragon may be substituted for cilantro.


4 Onions
5 Carrots
1 Bunch celery
1 Bulb fennel & top
2 Heads garlic
1 Leek
Bay leafs
Scrap herbs (mostly tarragon)
Add mushrooms for fish stock
Extra fennel for lobster stock


Boil beans with sachet
Sauté mushrooms, flame with sherry or Madera
Sweat small dice of: 1 onion, 1 carrot, 1 leek, celery, handful of garlic, bay leaf, fresh ground pepper.
Add white wine& reduce
Add beans and consommé (lobster)
Add 2 T of mushroom glace


Dice & sauté 2 squash & set aside
Sweat : 1 ½ onions (sm. dice) & chopped garlic
Add orzo Add chicken stock Bring to a boil.
Remove from heat& cover with plastic wrap. Allow to sit
Mix with squash, chopped scallions, chopped thyme, cream, nutmeg, brown sugar

Small dice of :
8 parts Mango
2 parts Pineapple
2 parts Cucumber
1 part Red onion
dash Basil


Mango skins & pits
Bay leaf

Sauté (not too much color)
Reduce with champagne vinegar
Add mango puree& water to balance
Garnish with chopped basil


Bring 1 qt of beans & sachet (garlic, thyme, bay leaf, peppercorns) and water to a rolling boil
In small rondo sweat diced carrot, onion, leek, celery, garlic.
Add some white wine & reduce au sec
Lightly buzz a #10 can of diced tomatoes
Add tomatoes and bring to simmer. Reduce
Add fully cooked, drained beans to sauce.


7 c A.P. Flour
6 Eggs
2 T Olive oil
TT Salt
1 c Water / White wine

Mix with paddle on 2 until dough comes together.
Wrap in plastic& rest overnight.
Flavors: Fennel, Saffron, Dill, Curry, Tapenade, tomato, spice, etc.


Rough chop macadamias & Toast
Sweat sm. dice mirepoix
Add rice
Add stock & 1/3 nuts
Cover with foil& bake
Stir in remaining nuts


Sweat chopped cabbage with sliced garlic & chopped ginger.
Add Teriyaki and soy sauce & reduce
Garnish with toasted almonds and small dice of roasted red pepper.


2 Granny smith apples (diced)
10 shallots (sliced)
4 bay leaf

Sweat until translucent
Add apple cider vinegar (slightly more than just covering the bottom)
Reduce to au sec& add Chablis & a little champagne (slightly less than the amount of vinegar)
Reduce slightly.
Strain & finish with cream.


320°F convection, 428°F deck oven

Whisk together: 200 g Yolks
500 g Whole eggs
400 g Sugar

Whisk Aside: 320 g Whites
(stiff peaks) 160 g Sugar

Sift and Add: 120 g Flour
120 g Cocoa

Make common meringue
Bring yolks and whole eggs to ribbon state
Add a little egg mixture to meringue and whisk by hand
Fold some meringue into eggs, fold in rest
Using hand fold in cocoa/flour mixture, finish using spatula


600 g Almond flour
400 g Powdered sugar
150 g Pistachio paste
4 Eggs
16 Yolks

Bring to Ribbon stage
Whisk in : 200 g cornstarch
175 g flour
Whisk in 150 g butter

Make common meringue with: 16 egg whites
225 g sugar
Fold together & add yellow & green food coloring as needed. Bake @ 400°F


3 T Salt
3 T Pepper
Handful Tarragon chopped
400 g Honey
500 g Dijon Mustard
600 g Red Wine Vinegar
600 g Cider Vinegar
6 qts Salad Oil

Blend all ingredients in mixer on low speed

AMBROSIA (Chocolate Lover’s Obsession)

400 g 80% fat butter
360 g 64% extra bitter chocolate
400 g Confectionery sugar
160 g Egg Yolks
400 g Whole eggs
200 g Cake flour – sifted

Melt butter & chocolate in mixing bowl over bain marie.
In a separate bowl, whisk eggs & yolks over hot water until warm.
In mixer with whisk attachment, mix sifted sugar into chocolate until smooth.
Slowly add warm eggs to chocolate.
Add flour all at once mixing until smooth
Fill prebuttered ceramic cups to ¾ full.


2 oz Powdered sugar
2 oz Granulated Sugar
2 oz Egg whites

Beat egg whites to soft peaks.
Slowly add granulated sugar.
Continue beating and add powdered sugar.
Transfer to pastry bag with star tip.
Pipe onto silpat lined baking sheet
Bake for 4-6 hours in very low oven


6 ½ oz Sugar
4 Eggs
2 oz Milk
8 oz Flour
¼ oz Yeast
4 oz Butter, melted
1 T Vanilla Extract
1 T Pistachios – roasted chopped
Zest of 2 lemons

Beat eggs and add sugar.
Whisk in flour and yeast
Add milk and melted butter.
Stir in nuts, zest and vanilla.
Let rest 30 minutes, pour into buttered molds.
Bake @ 350° for approximately 10 minutes


8 Gelatin leaves
500 g Cream
500 g Passion fruit Puree
20 Egg Yolks
100 g Corn starch
200 g Sugar
600 g Egg whites
600 g Sugar

Make pastry cream and italian meringue (600 g each of sugar/whites)
Mix together while still warm


500 g Milk Chocolate
500 g Hazelnut chocolate
500 g Cream, boiled
250 g Praline Paste
375 g Croquant (ground hazelnuts)
150 g Amaretto liquor

Combine chocolates and praline paste in bowl
Boil milk 3 separate times and then add to chocolate
Add croquant
Add Alcohol
Pour into candy shells


950 g Sugar
100 g Trimoline or honey
450 g Water
225 g Dark Rum
225 g Triple Sec
900 g Milk chocolate, melted
100 g Hazelnuts, ground

Brink sugar, trimoline and water to softball
Add alcohols
Mix in chocolate and hazelnuts once slightly cooled.


7 ½ c Sugar
1 ½ c Flour
24 Eggs
12 Lemons, zest
2 c Lemon Juice

Prebake the pate sucre to a light golden brown
Whisk together the eggs, sugar, flour.
Add lemon Zest and juice
Pour into prebaked shell and bake @ 350°


2 k Pastry Flour
1 k Butter
40 g salt
700 g Water


2041 g Milk
128 g Powdered milk
218 g Butter
233 g Yolks
66 g Sugar
133 g Dry glucose
500 g Honey
13 g Stabilizer


8 oz Butter
1 ¾ c Sugar
1/3 c Molasses
1 Egg
2 ¾ c Flour
1 ¼ t baking soda
1 ½ t Ground Ginger
1 ½ t Cinnamon
¼ t Cardamom
pinch nutmeg
½ t salt


200-300g Garlic
1/3 can Anchovies
800 g Dijon mustard
2 c Olive oil
4 qts Salad oil
2 c Lemon juice
1 handful Parmesan cheese
10 Egg yolks