Saturday, December 10, 2011

R Wines, My Favorite Aussie Wine Company...

R Wines Southern Gothic Belle Shiraz 2008 out of business.  Tis a sad day in the condo.  I've had some pleasant times sipping on their excellent product, one remarkable time when my soon-to-possibly-be-brother-in-law drank a bottle and a half of their 2008 Southern Gothic Belle Shiraz (pictured here) during a Swell Season concert at Ravinia.  I had to drive his car home.  And if I had a dollar for every time he mentioned that his classic car had cupholders, I could buy another case of this stuff before it vanishes forever.  This wine is also remarkable in the fact that it was aged in old bourbon barrels.  Potent & well balanced.  It will be missed.

If you've never had any of their wines, I suggest running to your local liquor store and chasing down some of their product before it's all gone.  My only hope is that whoever gets their fields continues in a similar bad ass tradition. 


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