Friday, December 2, 2011

Periodical Enjoyment

I've been reviewing a few favorite cookbooks lately, and it brought to mind some of the magazines my wife & I still have subscriptions to.  My fave, even though I don't think it's as revolutionary as it once was, is Art Culinaire (  An industry publication, Art Culinaire only comes out seasonally and has most recently enjoyed it's 100th issue.  I've worked with more than one chef who's been featured, and friends with more beyond that.  It was once a staple to any Chef's office bookshelf.  My only issue is that it's becoming more of a PR mag than anything I'd like to cook or eat. 

That & most of the recipes are either incomplete or purposely leave out steps that'd allow one to recreate the dishes featured.  Absolutely beautiful photography though.  Worth inspiring specials & plating if one's more contemporarily minded. 

For the more intellectual cuinary adventurer, I suggest Gastronomica ( 

The issue featured here had an article I think about again & again...  concerning the psychiatric breakdown of a chef.  Turns out the amount of butter and fat we use is directly proportionate to our desire to be loved.  Think of that the next time you eat out.

Anne & I often get sucked into the pages of this gem of a magazine until we've picked it clean of any juicy tidbits.  I hope that you check out and feel the same way.  Any way, we're going out to eat tonight and I'm sure I'll have another blog post about that later tonight or tomorrow, as there's already an old story about a previous visit.

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