Friday, August 17, 2012


Photo: Guess what I made...

I forget which server at work said that they'd had pistachio-cello at a bar in Boystown, but I decided I had to recreate a batch at the house.  Um... for medicinal purposes?  Here's the recipe I followed.


500 ml (3/4 bottle) vodka or grain alcohol
2 c. unsalted pistachios, in the shell
A cup or two of 2:1 sugar : water simple syrup, added to taste

Drink remaining bottle of vodka (250 ml or 1/4 bottle).  Drunkenly add nuts to remaining alcohol in mason jar while cursing the economy and the general nature of society.  Let nuts steep for 48 hours.  During this 48 hour period, find more vodka.  Drink.  Make simple syrup by briefly boiling 2 parts sugar to 1 part water.  Strain out nuts.  Add simple syrup to taste.  There will be some left over, so, while in said inebriated state, consume and post about said experience on Twitter.  Chill finished mix overnight in freezer or refrigerator.  Serve cold as possible with stuff pistachios go well with.  Perhaps replace the normal vodka in a White Russian to create a "Nutty" Russian.  Enjoy!